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SOP Foods believe in reinventing healthy lifestyle of the nation with MERRIS cooking oil.
In 2012, SOPB expanded it’s business through the value chain by the commissioning of a refinery and fractionation plant in Bintulu. It has allowed SOPB to diversify its product offering. With the diversification, SOP Foods was established on September 2015 and on December 2015 the first product, 1kg MIRICO Pillow Pack has rolled of its production line. Currently we also produce the highly sought after MERRIS cooking oil. Our plant production capacity of around a thousand metric tonnes per month ensure a continuous supply of quality oil to the market.

SOP Foods utilises state of the art equipment and its production line is ISO 22000 and Halal certified. With a professional production team and a dedicated sales and marketing team, we offer our distributor and retailing partner with top-level service to support their business.