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MERRIS Vegetable Oil


Special Customized Cooking Oil

MERRIS, the special customized pure palm olein (or cooking oil) for you and your household kitchen-traceable from superior crude palm oil, stringent process-control and quality packing plant. MERRIS has high content of natural Vitamin E, cholesterol free, trans fat free for enduring cooking abilities.

Nutritional Information

Packing Size/ Saiz Pek 2kg 5kg
Serving Size/ Saiz Hidangan 14g 14g
Total Serving Size/ Jumlah Hidangan 142 (2kg) 357 (5kg)
Per Serving/ Sehidangan 14g 100g 14g 100g
Energy/ Tenaga 126kcal 900kcal 126kcal 900kcal
Protein/ Protein 0g 0g 0g 0g
Carbohydrate/ Karbohidrat 0g 0g 0g 0g
Total Fat/ Jumlah Lemak 14g 100g 14g 100g
* Monounsaturated/ Monotidaktepu 6.3g 45g 6.3g 45g
* Polyunsaturated/ Politidaktepu 1.7g 12g 1.7g 12g
* Saturated/ Tepu 6.0g 43g 6.0g 43g
Trans Fat/ Asid Lemak Trans 0g 0g 0g 0g
Cholesterol/ Kolesterol 0mg 0mg 0mg 0mg
Natrium/ Sodium 0mg 0mg 0mg 0mg
Vitamin E/ Vitamin E 7.84mg 56mg 7.84mg 56mg

Usage Info

Pack/ Yield
  • Available in 2kg and 5kg bottle
  • Store in clean, dry place of not more than 50 degree celcius
  • After opening, keep cooking oil in its original container
  • Not advisable to store in refrigerator; as may see sedimentation occurs. However if happened, by warming slightly, the cooking oil shall returned clear. The sedimentation will not affect the quality of cooking oils
  • Refer “Best Before” for shelf life; cooking oils under proper storage conditions can always last longer
Uses and Tips
  • Use optimum amount of cooking oil for each cooking
  • Apply slow heating to heat up the oil, do not overheat the oil for a long period
  • Avoid cooking food with excessive moisture content, dry food prior cooking
  • Suitable for deep frying